Glentula – Fall

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Glentula, nestled in over five acres of mixed Ontario forest, is the home of Gwynn Scheltema and Don Anderson. “Glentula” means “peaceful woods”. “Glen” meaning “woods” comes from Don’s Scottish heritage. “Tula” is from Gwynn’s roots in Zimbabwe, Africa, and is the Ndebele word for “peace” or “quiet”. Glentula is the perfect place to write.
In the fall, maples provide a colourful backdrop to the gazebo beside the rock garden, the tea stone sunken bench, or a Muskoka chair at the campfire. Take a walk in the crisp fall air, have a swing or just enjoy the heady smells of harvest time.Wander down over the footbridge to Burnt Point Bay on Lake Seymour, part of the Trent River Waterway System, between the locks at Hastings and Healy Falls. At the water’s edge of Glentula, you can enjoy watching the flocks of migrating geese and ducks, explore the river mouth and beaver dam, or just enjoy the quiet lap of lilypads as kingfishers, osprey and heron dive for fish.

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Directions to Glentula

From the South West (1½ hours from Oshawa)

  • Take Hwy. 401 east to Hwy 115. Proceed north on Hwy 115.
  • After approx 45 minutes, at Peterborough, Hwy 115 becomes Hwy 7. Continue east on Hwy 7 to Havelock (35 mins.).
  • At Havelock follow map below.

From the East (3 hours from Ottawa)

  • Take Hwy 417 west to Hwy 7 just west of the Scotiabank Place.
  • Proceed west on Hwy 7 to Havelock.
  • At Havelock follow map below.

From the North West (45 mins. from Peterborough)

  • At Port Perry take Hwy 7A east to Hwy 35.
  • At Hwy 35 turn south for a kilometre, then east on the continuation of Hwy 7A to Hwy 115.
  • After approx 15 minutes, at Peterborough, Hwy 115 becomes Hwy 7. Go east to Havelock (35 mins.)
  • At Havelock follow map below.

From the South East (45 mins from Brighton)

  • Take Hwy 401 west to Brighton.
  • Take Regional/County Rd. 30 north to Campbellford
  • At the lights at the bridge in Campbellford, turn west on Bridge Street (RR 30 cont) to Village of Trent River (15 mins)
  • At Trent River, follow the map below

map to glentula