Master Class in Character: More than Flesh and Bones

Master Class in Character: More than Flesh and Bones

From your POV character to secondary characters to antagonists, all the people in your fiction are important.

They need to rise up from the page and connect with your readers: excite them, horrify them, disappoint them, delight them. In short, characters must have emotional impact.woman in goldElderly woman

Join author Ruth E. Walker to explore and experiment with:

~ how characters enhance the themes in your stories
~ when and where dialogue is a game-changer
~ the subtleties of description for greatest benefit
~ how to deepen character motivation and desires


This workshop is not geared for writers just starting out. Bring your in-progress characters and a willingness to stretch them and you over the course of the day.

Ruth Walker reveals the inner lives of her characters with a quiet and purposeful grace.” Rabindranath Maharaj

“Walker’s prose is skillful, vibrant, and peopled with characters we can believe we know.” reader

“No matter what I was doing throughout my day, I had Sheila and Sigmund on my mind.” Kevin Craig


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