Manuscripts come in all stages of development, and so do writers. Because of this, it is difficult to post details of a one-size-fits-all service. Accordingly, all manuscript critiques begin with a consultation to determine:

  • IF you need our services
  • WHAT services you need, and
  • WHEN you need them.

This consultation usually involves reading the first 10 pages of your ms**. All initial consultation includes written feedback on the 10 pages submitted. There is no fee for this consultation.

** a manuscript page is a letter-size page; 12 pt font Times New Roman; double spaced, 1″ margins all round.


If you have a draft manuscript, find the answers to questions like:

    • Is my beginning strong enough to hold a reader’s attention?
    • Have I been clear, logical, and consistent throughout?
    • Does my manuscript convey what I hoped it would?
  • Is my manuscript polished and ready for an editor, agent or publisher?

Choose the level of editorial support that best supports your needs:

OPTION ONE:  Feedback Report on the first 10,000 words

Not all writers are ready for a full edit. This option gives general direction and comments on a work in progress and  includes:

  • response on general impressions and readiness of the ms for publishing
  • comments, questions and suggestions to clarify overall direction
  • notes on strengths or weaknesses in plot, structure, and character development
  • a light copy edit to identify style quirks and tips on how to fix them.

Fee: $350

Feedback Report Option One ($350)+HST

OPTION TWO: Full Manuscript Edit  – Fiction and Non-Fiction

A thorough review of your draft manuscript includes:

  • formal summary response report;
  • ms marked to note specifics (i.e. typos, grammar, and syntax errors);
  • substantive edit of structure and plot including logic, productive use of chapters, and overall pacing;
  • review of character and setting effectiveness in conveying your story;
  • review of stylistic techniques, including figurative language;
  • response to thematic elements, and general effectiveness;
  • nonfiction edits, include matching chapters and headings with table of contents, review appendices, footnotes and sidebars, as appropriate.

Fee: Will vary between $1000 and $3000 depending on the length of the ms and level of editing required as determined during the initial consultation. Fees and payment schedules will be agreed between the parties BEFORE work begins.


Have you ever felt that you:

  • are all alone without support
  • just need to know if you are on the right track
  • need someone to prompt or encourage you
  • need help in specific areas

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a writing mentor or coach could help you move forward with your writing project.

Coaching services will be tailored to your unique needs and timetable.

The format of the coaching services could be a combination of online, mail and telephone or in-person communications depending on geographic, time and similar circumstances.

Fee: $40 per hour

Coaching Services ($40)+HST

Custom Payment:

Custom Payment: fill in the desired amount in the “quantity” square and hit enter. HST will be added at check out.

Payments by cheque:

Make cheque payable to “Writescape” and mail to: 118 Warren Avenue, Oshawa, ON  L1J 4G4

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