Corporate Services

Get the customized program your team needs:

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Essential Writing Skills:
  • communicate with clarity and confidence
  • clear writing techniques
  • tips and resources to make writing energized and effective
Say What You Mean:
  • plain language principles
  • effective communications to connect with your audience
Creative Communicators:
  • learn how fiction techniques strengthen business writing
  • counter-intuitive exercises to develop innovative thinking
  • use story to energize your marketing

Workshops and Presentations: from intimate groups to conference-level programs
Coaching: online or in person
Creative Thinking: from ice-breakers to ideas generation
Resource Material: workbooks, tips sheets, style guides tailored for your business and staff
Skilled Presenters: Gwynn Scheltema and Ruth Walker combine creative skills with their business expertise gleaned from their work in Human Resources, Accounting, Internal Communications and Marketing in government, hospital and the private sector.


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