Our Mission

Our Mission

Two writers with a mission to inspire

When Gwynn Scheltema and Ruth Walker launched Writescape in autumn 2008 they wanted their retreats and workshops to offer more than a standard program. They wanted to create an extraordinary experience. So they committed to supporting writers’ individual needs: all-inclusive retreats in natural settings, professional programming, and inspiring workshops for writers at all levels.

Building on creative foundations

In 2010, Heather O’Connor joined Writescape as Marketing Coordinator and added her expertise to the workshops program offerings. To deliver an even wider range of dynamic workshops and programs, Writescape also partners with other like-minded writing professionals.

A full range of writing services

Writescape’s growth continues year after year. Individual coaching for writers, editing manuscripts to submission-ready status, developing and delivering corporate communications and writing programs are just a taste of our offerings.

Come, write with us

Carve out time for yourself as a writer. Whether an evening workshop or an extended retreat, there is no better place for clear, creative thought than dedicated time to focus on your craft. And there is no better team prepared to help you achieve your writing dream than Writescape.

Thanks so much for a welcoming, wonderful, amazing weekend. Loved it all.
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